Budgets from Database

  • Once a year of enterprise cost accounting is in your database, the program can help you build next year’s budgets based on these expenses.
  • Choose the crops to budget.
  • Under File pulldown menu, choose Create Budgets from Old Expenses. The program will start & operate your Excel spreadsheet program using DDE & OLE to insert all the proper equations.
  • The program will sum all these enterprise budget spreadsheets to create an overall farm budget for the bank and for management control.
  • Throughout each month of next year, the program will print a monthly Enterprise Budget versus Actual Expenses Report.

Create Excel Budgets Automatically

  • The budgeted amounts are all in the proper months (the actual months in which they occured in this past year).
  • Note the bold print and the lines that make the budget easy to read.
  • Click on the printer icon to print this budget.
  • Try changing the acres, yield, price, and expenses per acre. All the total amounts will change instantly. All the equations have been done for you!.

Note: You must own Excel versions 5.0 or later.