Fast, Powerful, Payroll Setups

  • Field being edited has a yellow, highly readible, background. See ‘Name ’ field.
  • Click on any field to jump directly to editing it.
  • Click on ‘Photo’ button to take & store an employee’s photo. (digital camera or scanner required)
  • Click on ‘Badge’ to print an employee photo ID badge with bar code employee numbers.

Timecard Data Entry

  • Employee’s photo from setup reappears.
  • Under ‘Edit’ pulldown menu, you can assign employees to Crews.
  • Timeclock will calculate the hours worked.
  • Date and time is stored automatically. Touch your F6 key in a date field and an on screen calendar will appear.
  • Touch F4 to display a list of all pending checks.
  • You can enter a memo for each timecard line.
  • In the Enterprise, Operation and Equipment number fields, a popup list of codes will appear that can be Speed Searched by typing or by clicking on the desired code.
  • Import/Export can use scanner devices to automatically input piecework, hours worked, and cost accounting information.
  • Click and drag timecard lines to the trash can to delete them
  • Use laser scanners, memory button readers, etc. to automate payroll data entry.

Speed Search

  • Type the first letters or numbers of any code and a Search List appears and jumps down to the closest match.