Smart Help with Blue Skies

  • Touch your F1 key anywhere in the program and the smart help jumps you to the appropriate page in an on screen User Manual. In this case, we were setting up an employee, so touching F1 jumped to the help page dealing with Setup Employees topic.
  • Click Print on the User Manual screen to print out this topic.
  • Most manual pages have pictures as well as text that explain each button and option.
  • Green dotted underline (like ‘special deductions’ in this example) are glossary terms. Click on these and a box will appear with their definition.
  • Solid green underline are ‘hypertext links’. Click on the ‘employer setup deductions’ in this screen and the manual will jump you to the page in the manual showing and explaining ‘employer setup deductions’.
Smart Help

Index or Find Help

  • Click the Search button on the User Manual screen shown above to search by indexed topics.
  • Click on Find if you want the smart manual to search all topics looking for an embedded word to find other than the indexed topics.
Help Find