Windows Sister Programs

Microsoft Word

Add this program to your Setup Tools List to do powerful word processing. Blue Skies’ User Manual was written originally in Word and then processed using Microsoft’s help compiler.

Microsoft Excel

Not only can you use this Microsoft sister program in Blue Skies’ Enterprise Budgeting, but the tie is so close you can even view, sort, and graph Blue Skies’ data files. These files are in Microsoft’s FoxBase format. Add this to your Setup Tools List.

Microsoft Paint

Many pictures in Blue Skies were edited using Paint. You can cut & paste pictures across your clipboard. Add this program to your Setup Tools List.

Power Galore!

  • These are but a few of the many windows programs that can read and write Blue Skies data.
  • Bar code and laser scanners, automated weighing scales, computerized milking machines, and virtually every windows computer-compatible device can be attached to Blue Skies Accounting.
  • You will appreciate Blue Skies even more as you install each powerful new windows program and new windows device.

Microsoft Visual Basic

Blue Skies Accounting was written in Microsoft’s Visual Basic, the internal programming language built into Word, Excel, Paint and other Microsoft programs.

R&R Report Writer

Blue Skies Accounting’s reports were created in this program that allows you to specify font, font size, placement of fields and totals. You can create your own reports to include in your Blue Skies list of reports. R&R software is sold in most computer software stores, and not available through AgData.