If your hardware is below the minimum requirement, your Blue Skies Accounting® software may not run properly or may have inconsistent results.


  • Windows XP - Home or Professional Editions
  • Pentium IV or faster PC
  • 512 Mb of RAM; 128mb free space
  • USB Flash or Travel Storage device
  • Internet/Email service
  • A Laser printer & Laser formatted Computer Checks


  • Magnetic Media module & Internet is required for all clients using Electronic Submissions.
  • Import/Export module required for data collection, bar code systems.
  • If networked, Additional Users Licenses required for the additional computer workstations. Network servers should be independent or workstations and should use same operating system.
  • Computer Check ’formats’ in Blue Skies are written for ‘check over two stubs’ laser checks. Check your current formats before ordering or printing computer checks. Checks may be ordered through the AgData Headquarter Office or samples are available to give to your local printing company.
  • AgData does not support any dot matrix printers & any associated printing problems.

Windows 7 or Vista

We recommend browsing Microsoft Website to determine if your computer system is compatible to 'upgrade' to Vista. By the time you Add more Memory, and Gb space and Graphics Card, you will better off buying a new computer, with Vista or 7 pre-installed. www.microsoft.com/windows/products/windowsvista/buyorupgrade

  • To use Vista, you should be ‘Very Comfortable’ Working with Windows. There are a lot of nice features and shortcuts with Vista, however it will take some time to learn all the features to this operating system.
  • Make sure you have minimum of 4Gg Memory and 4Gig Space. More preferably! You need it with Vista, or it will run slow, even without being on a network.
  • Most printers will probably have to have new printer drivers or may not work at all with Vista. Please check the website with your printer manufacturer.

AgData® notifies all Clients on new Changes and/or Updates by Email.

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